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Pecho Mama – Medea Electronica

2. Februar, 19:30

Konzerttheater in englischer Sprache von und mit Bella Faye.

Medea – the ancient Greek story of a loving mother, betrayed by her husband. Re-imagine the myth to the England of the 1980s. This is the story of how all reason crumbles and turns everyone around to dust – even the most beloved and innocent ones.

How to update a classical tragedy: Step one: strip back the story to the basics. A man betrays a woman who takes excessive revenge. Lend Medea some sympathy but do not flinch from her extremity and make a visual reference to Pasolini’s wonderful film at the end.

Step two: use the update to justify the atmosphere of the soundtrack which is performed live. The 1980s provide context enough to justify the electro beats and synth wailing. Strip away fancy classical references and understand how the new era explains the couple’s behaviour.

Step three: since it is about Medea, reduce the other characters to prerecorded voices that allow a rapid contextualisation and conjure both domestic contentment and an increasingly oppressive collapse of same. And make sure Medea is a powerful actor and singer who can do stentorian vocals and symbolic physical theatre bits.

Step four: don’t pull any punches and leave the morality hanging. Leave the audience to work out whether this is feminism or homophobia. Sometimes it is good not to spell it out.

Bild © Markus Sappe



2. Februar


Teo Otto Theater
Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 31-33
Remscheid, 42897
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Konzerttheater in englischer Sprache von und mit Bella Faye.
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